Provocations @ MOCO 2019

In 2019, as part of the Conference on Movement and Computing (MOCO), Teoma Naccarato, John MacCallum, and Jessica Rajko launched a call for provocations in response to the question: what aspects of your practice/research are invisible to your collaborators? From the collected provocations, five provocateurs were then invited to take part in a panel discussion on generative tension in cross-disciplinary collaboration. This site archives the presence of the Provocations Project at MOCO 2019, as one iteration of the ongoing Provocations Project

Read all of the provocations, and submit a provocation anytime!

This call for provocations from 2019 remains open, and new provocations are posted on a rolling basis! You can browse the full collection of provocations, and SUBMIT A PROVOCATION here: https://provocations.online/invisibilityincollaboration.

Iterating on provocations @ SloMOCO 2021 – Get involved!

Presently, as part this year’s extended (Slo) format of MOCO 2021, Teoma Naccarato, John MacCallum, and Jessica Rajko are facilitating a series of events to revisit the entirety of the Provocations Project, to fold it back on itself, produce provocations upon provocations, and generate new questions and spaces for dialogue. Follow current developments, including open calls and upcoming events, at: http://slomoco21.provocations.online.

The Provocations Project is ongoing, with many iterations to come!

In its multiple manifestations, the Provocations Project serves as a distributed platform for critical inquiry and exchange within cross-disciplinary and collaborative practices related to movement, music, and computing. Visit the main project site to explore the growing collections of provocations: https://provocations.online.